Odometer stuck at 299,999 km's worth fixing?

Hi all,
So my 2004 Corolla CE is getting close to the 299,999 mark and I am just wondering if anyone here has had the same problem and if it's worth fixing?. I know this car can last longer than that... my friend with a similar Corolla just kept driving it with the Trip 1 left on the odometer and later sold it because of this reason, but anyways, just looking for some advice on this, thanks.
look on ebay for an odometer reset service. i used one out of south texas.
takes about a week
Thanks for the tip, I did find the ebay page for the seller you mentioned, though I did not see a listing for Toyota Corollas. I will contact them and see if they're still servicing Toyotas. I also did a Google search for "toyota corolla cluster fix" and found some companies in the states that do it too. Thanks again!.