On the fence, Prius or Corolla

Prius or Corolla

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I have a 2010 Prius and if a few months I was thinking of trading it. I have 105k miles and I am on the fence about spending extra for a new Prius. My wife has a 2018 Prius which is very nice. The reason I am on the fence is that I could get a Certified Corolla for like $14k which would definitely make up the difference in mileage. I love the Prius, it has been a great car but it has some quirks, like a special starter battery and there is always the question when the traction battery will fail. So far the only thing that has broke were both Oxygen sensors, nothing else.

I can afford a new Prius but I am thinking of value.

What are your thoughts about my line of thinking.
At 105K miles, that Prius has a long way to go to maximize it's lifespan. Most go 300K+ miles. Since it's 19 years old, you won't get much for it on a trade. New Prius sales have tanked lately. My wife has a 2013 that hasn't had a single problem, other than 2 recalls. If it were me, I would just drive to the end. Even if you keep for 10 more years, according to your driving rate, that's ~50K miles. Yes, the 12V battery is unique but you only need to replace it every 4-5 years. Sure the traction battery life is a question, but even if you just replace it now you'll still make out in the long run. If you do a detailed cost of ownership analysis, it will probably give you a better financial picture. The current generation Corolla's have been more problematic than you think. As everyone knows in the past 10 years.... As the cost goes up, the quality goes down (as a result of continuous mfg. cost reductions). Unfortunately, this automotive trend is here to stay.


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A new Corolla might also be an option if you want to buy right now : as the new generation 2020 is arriving, the 2019 sedan left on dealers lot might have a great price, not much higher than a certified with the advantage of new and warranty. A 2020 Corolla hybrid might also be an option : a Prius in a Corolla body for less money. But unless you have an urge to change, at 105K your Prius still have life in it. Financially, the best option remains to keep it until it "die" on you, having your money growing and available at any time until then.
I agree with jolly. Hang onto the current Prius. If you really have to make a change, the 2020 'Rolla hybrid is pretty awesome. Personally, I'm in it for the long haul and plan to keep my Corolla for at least another 3 years, at which point I will give the car to my daughter. It will have about 180,000 miles by then, a perfect car to start with as a young driver.
I also agree to stick with your current Prius. It’s not even broken in yet, and it sounds like you have good luck with it. I would get the spark plugs changed and clean the throttle and drive it.