Opinion on this certified 2019 Corolla?

I’m unexpectedly car searching after my 2013 Hyundai Elantra was totaled when I was rear ended last week. I’m looking at Hondas and Toyotas as a replacement; I am completely new to Toyotas though.

I saw this certified pre-owned 2019 Corolla. It seems like an exceptionally good deal. Is it too good to be true? My biggest concern is about the 2019 CVT recalls.

Any feedback is gratefully appreciated. https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/detail/764251512/overview/
Provided you know the state and history of the car, maybe. Low mileage might mean a demo, or an unsatisfactory returned car. That's to check.
Also, the 2019 sedan is now giving place to the 2020, a completely new car. So shopping around, you may even find an as good/better deal on a brand new 2019 still on the lot.
The 2019 CVT recall was for a limited specific batch of new generation hatchback models. The 2019 sedan is not affected, as it still is the older generation for that year. You may also check if there is any recall/service campaign pending by entering the VIN here : https://www.toyota.com/recall


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Looks good, but clean carfax doesnt mean it is good to go. Recommend having a trusted mechanic take a look at it before buying.

I am not a fan of the CVT either. Took a chance and got a 18' Corolla and so far it runs very smooth. Also got the extended warranty just in case. If it's certified pre-owned, they will pitch it to you when you see finance guy.


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I would be hesitant. My SE was $18K new after $3K total rebates, and that wasn't even a great price. I was insufficiently prepared but purchased anyway as the rebates were about to end, and one of them (conquest) I had not known about before going to the dealer.

Now is the time to get a great deal on the previous generation.


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If you are still interested, ask why the original owner traded it in already. Ask for the service history. If it's accident free and the service history doesn't raise any flags, I don't see the problem. You probably won't find any more new 2019 in stock. The only advantage on buying new is saving on loan interest rate and getting the new generation. $16,600 is below KBB average fair market price for my area.