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Ebay 16.00 to ship a 5 qt. time to bike over to a parts depart of toyota in person pick some up. Wally world a joke no stock to far now t otry otehr stores.


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time to bike ride to a dealers part department. Oil per qt hope it i 7.00 per b/c Ebay comes out to under 8.00 per free ship, and a filter 6.00 free ship. need the best price and hard to find in this dam city.


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I buy my oil at Walmart but I haven`t noticed a 0-16w oil yet. I have a very close dealer by me and buy oil filters there , price is good and they are Toyota brand. I do find air filters and cabin filters real cheap on Ebay and because they are so cheap I just replace them every year even though after taking them out it looks like they could go longer.
Just curious why your so obsessed with 0W-16 viscosity in an older vehicle? Are you expecting some huge gains in efficiency? I can do two oil changes for $45. I don't understand the rational behind the change.