Oxygen sensor2

I went to the shop and told me to look for the fuse. Cause i changed the o2 sensor twice and the after few minutes running the car the service light goes on again.
My 09 Corolla has the same problem with the "check engine" light coming on, as well as the traction control flashing on and off. I have change the Bank1 sensor 1 unit three times, as well as the bank2 sensor 2 downstream unit, still pops on lights 20 seconds after clearing code with OBD2 reader. Is this the ECM, and is there a recall for this problem? Read that there is a fuse for this system, but where in the fuse block? Does not affect operation of the engine at any time.
I found the fuse box under the dashboard but cannot figure which one is the ecm fuse.
I replace all of the fuses and have the same problem. I hope someone from Toyota guys can help us.