Performance Chips and Other Fun Upgrades on 2017 Corolla iM

Hey CF, I'm looking into ways to up the performance of my 17 iM. I found the "Performance Chips USA" chip that boasts increased everything, from gas mileage to horsepower LINK . The worry I have is that it's only $58, and that sounds WAY too good to be true. Has anyone else used them, or used another chip you would recommend after using for a while?

I'm also looking for suggestions for performance upgrades that aren't bank breaking that will make the car just that much more fun to drive. So far my plans for the car are mostly cosmetic, but performance wise I plan on doing a TRD intake with a TRD or Borla exhaust system, possibly a sway bar, and I mean a turbo would be nice, but the cars an automatic that stock only puts out 138hp so I don't know if that would be worth it honestly. I'm also fairly new to the aftermarket scene so I'm learning a good bit of this as I go.


no, just dont buy any performance chips, they dont work.

if you are a cheap guy, buy a fake magnaflow from a muffler shop and pedal commander online

Thanks for the link! That a lot of great info I've been looking for.

Nah not exactly cheap just not wanting to plunge $5k for a supercharger kind of cheap lol