Programming a 2009 Corolla Key

I just bought a low mileage 2009 Corolla S in beautiful shape. However, it came with only 1 key and I'm balking at paying dealership prices for a key with a few electronic chips on it. There are lots of aftermarket keys out there for not much $ but I've seen a ton of different information when it comes to programming them. Some websites claim they can only be programmed by dealers and locksmiths, some say that you can do it yourself in the car and others say that you can do it with an OBD scanner and techstream software.

Has anyone here ever successfully programmed a key? If so, were you able to program both the remote and the transponder?

Thanks in advance!!
I had a Pontiac that I bought with one key fob. I bought the same one on Ebay for cheap. However you will have to have the dealer program it. There should be a serial number or model number identifying the key. You want to buy the same one and then have it programmed.