Question about oil consumption stories


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Hello all. I am considering buying a 2009 Matrix with 149000km's/90000miles. I keep reading about the piston/cylinder problems causing excessive oil consumption for these models. Is there a way to know if the vehicle is afflicted with this problem? It is a base model car, no options, automatic transmission. Is there was way to tell by the VIN?
Thank, Frank.
Short answer, the base model has a 1.8L engine. These aren't affected by the oil consumption issue.

The oil consumption issue is linked with the 2009 XR and XRS 2.4L 2AZ-FE engines. It doesn't affect every one so there's not really a way to tell without actually physically checking the oil level over a 1,200 mile period. The later model run ones seem to get it less, and the 2010 seems unaffected. Most of what I've seen it hits around the 120k mile mark if ever, and if you do get it the only real fix is an engine rebuild with new rings and pistons or just living with topping it up.

So as long as that Matrix has a 1.8L engine, the oil consumption issue shouldn't be a concern.