Rear Drum Noise

Please Help - I am getting a noise coming from the rear drums of a 2003 Carolla.

I am getting the grinding noise when I apply the breaks. The sound comes in and out like the drum is not true round.

The odd thing is that I don't get the noise when I use the parking brake to slow the car.

Any ideas or suggestions?
I get a similar sound even when the brakes arn't applied. I replaced the bearings the drums, and the pads and the noise came back. I just learned to live with it. Actually my wife learned to live with it


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Yes bearing can make noise as you travel at a certain speed they can be heard. can be come quite expensive if not taken care of especially a bearing. you may see that wheel ride pass you...


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My understanding of the rear hub assembly is that it's all one piece, and you can't simply swap the bearing like one would think... I had a horrible "whirring" noise on my car and replacing the left rear hub fixed it. Cost was around $300, which is more than it should have been, but after watching a couple of Youtube videos of people struggling to remove the old hub that is rusted in place, I was fine with paying someone else to be miserable for 2+ hours...