RGB LED fog lights w/smartphone cntrl

Could someone tell me the best RGB fog lights for my 15’ Corolla S+. I ordered Lumens from Carid and they were fake. They didn’t believe me so I had to send them pics of the bulbs and packaging. They apologized and told me to send them back for a full refund. It, now I still need a a very bright pair. Any suggestions would be a greatly appreciated! Thank you!
I have LED lamps because they show themselves perfectly in the high beam and fog lights — both in reflex optics and lensed optics. Daytime running lights and "angel eyes" are generally made only on diodes, where their advantages are indisputable. But there are still nuances with the low beam. Of course, they relate exclusively to the non-standard installation of diodes instead of halogen or xenon lamps. Factory diode headlamps are sold in LED lighting stores, where the optical circuit was originally designed for LEDs. Everything is fine with the low beam.