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Happy late birthday to me!!! A whole 19 years old now! Bought myself a fanceh new soldering tool from cramazon. Should be here tomorrow! :D
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Latest purchases (today) - 2,000 M4 x 10 flange button stainless steel dome hex screws, & a pair of Remo clear heads for a customer order (my trade price on Remo sucks compared to Evans). There, how boring is that!

I might just order 2 x chrome L arm tom brackets this afternoon. The excitement continues ;)
Hi, everybody. My purchase is only planned and it will be a new auto jeep compass. I chose a long time for a quality and reliable car and finally stopped at the jeep. But I would like to ask you. Did I make the right choice or do you have a different opinion?


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I just purchased and had installed 2 new supermax tm1 tires for my 2015 Corolla S + nice smooth ride will update after a few more miles