Starting a 2017 Toyota Corolla SE With 6 speed manual transmission and push button start

What is the proper procedure to start a 2017 Corolla SE, with 6 speed transmission and push button start. Dealer says get in vehicle, press clutch down, press start button. That does not work. Only powers up the car. If i release clutch and push back down, then press start button, car powers off and Maintenance warning light flashes. If i power up car first, then display comes up saying power on, but press the clutch down, still shows power on. if i press start button, car powers off. Car battery was replaces last Saturday, remote batteries are good. Apparently dealer has no problems starting it. After a while the key fob shows up on display, then i press clutch pedal down and press start button and it starts. What am i doing wrong to get it to start up in a timely manner?
There has been no feed back, so I hope you have been able to drive your car, if not then here is how the button works. I have a 2013 with push start. Make sure clutch is fully depressed and press and hold button until care starts. The button still has different "positions" like a key. if you just do a quick press (no clutch) it will power the radio. I you press again then you get accessory power, windows will work, etc. To start you need to fully depress clutch and press and hold button.