Stupid Stereo Question...


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Greetings to all

So I picked up a 97' Corolla for my girlfriend for some reliable wheels about 8-9 months ago anywho...

I purchased an aftermarket stereo to throw in while she is at work but I could not use the 12v+ switched power (red) as it seemed to have no power going through it. ( used circuit tester got nothing )

So I hooked the stereo up for the time being through the 12v+ constant (yellow)

Installed plenty of stereos across a few vehicles and have never encountered this problem... I guess she will have to remember to release the faceplate to keep the battery from constant drain.

This shouldn't really be too much of a problem eh?

The stereo never worked when we got it. I think it was used for a local security outfit as there are holes in the roof for roto lights and an empty spot where a toggle i think switch was. (couldn't find any wires leading to it)


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I had an aftermarket unit shop-installed to get a CD player, with no problems using the switched power. With the best intentions, an always-on power drain that requires human switching is likely to cause a dead battery at some very lousy time.

I've only had a couple of instances of fuses causing other dashboard problems - my windshield washer lever stopped working suddenly and I "fixed" it just by opening the fuse box and cleaning and returning the fuses - just sitting there for years through light use had apparently broken the circuit. Once or twice I've had to replace a blown fuse, and keep a package of assorted fuses on board the car. So I'd first trace that wire back to the protective fuse box, check, clean and replace any and all, since others are likely to go out soon.