Tire upgrade for whimpy driver

Hi everyone! I bought a 07 corolla about two years ago. Current millage is a a little over 60k. I have the CE. Very basic, manual windows. I was wondering what you all recommend for tire upgrading. I would like a wider tire because I'm kind of a whimp when it comes to driving fast and would like more control. My current is 185/65/R15. Id also like to make my car look a bit nicer outside as well so if you have any recommendations or suggestions of body upgrade please let me know. Thanks
Not sure how I can help on wheels and tires. However, if you're looking to make your car look better I have done a few exterior changes on my red 05 Corolla S. Tint the windows (a windshield brow looks very nice as well, also helps keep the car cooler when sitting out in the sun), rain/wind deflectors (I feel it ads a more aggressive seeming look, especially if you're looking into getting wider tires it may help keep the look of your car equal in a sense), replace the grill, complete chrome delete (blacking out interior and exterior chrome), and even something as small as a new antenna.