Toyota 07 Car won’t change gear


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So my 07 Toyota Corolla is not changing gear. I recently done a cv axle and hub assembly replacement on it myself and a friend of mine who is knowledgeable about cars. Drove it for about a week give or take and one day I was taking off for work and the car wouldn’t go anywhere. It started off driving very very slow with the rpm going very high. Parked it about 300 meters down the road and I noticed a huge leak under there. It looked redish and I didn’t know what it is. And I left it parked there. Today I got some oil for the transition because it’s 100% transmission fluid. Put a whole 3qt in it and tried to put it in gear as fast as I could and it wouldn’t go anywhere either. 2 minutes later the whole transmission fluid I put in there was drained as well.... any advice or ideas on what’s going on here, please and thank you!