Toyota ee90 2e to 4efe engine swap

Discussion in 'Older Model Toyota Corollas' started by kanishkaprasad, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. kanishkaprasad

    kanishkaprasad New Member

    hi guys im planing to swap the 2e engine to 4efe first gen , will need some suggestions and advices

    first on what i have in my car
    2e engine carburated (seized)
    140c manual transmission

    heres my questions

    1) Is 4efe enginecompatible with c140 transmission ?
    2) if so what flywheel do i have to use ?
    3) can i use the 2e clutch kit as well ?
    4) whats modifications do i have to do to the wiring loom (note:- im getting the 4efe wiring loom and ecu along with engine)

    ive read that using c140 gearbox with 2e flywheel and clutch kit on 4efe will have bad gear ratios to 4efe !! im confused and not clear about this statement please correct me if im wrong !!

    your advice and suggestions are welcomed

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