Traction Control Off Button

My 2014 Toyota Corolla LE Eco has a traction control off button behind the automatic shifter. As far as I know, there is no way to tell whether the button is pressed or not pressed, nothing shows on the dash or anything. does the corolla even have traction control/what is the button for then?
You do have traction control and stability control in LE Eco as well as in other models.
They are on by default with no other indication,unless a wheel actually slips.
Push the button quickly to disengage traction control.
Push and hold the button for 3 seconds to disengage both traction and stability control.
In all cases, an appropriate warning light appears on the lower right of the instrument cluster (below the fuel indicator).
The button only works at 0 m.p.h. as well, not while in motion.
Are you sure?

That seems like a bad design - I've never had a car with TCS, but from what I've read, there are places with snowy conditions where you might want to turn TCS off to maintain progress up a hill and turn it back on before the curve after the hill. 0 m.p.h. is usually NOT a good idea in snow/ice unless the car is in your driveway and you are staying home.
Have you driven in the snow?

You turn TCS off when you are stuck. If you are moving in snow, even up a hill, you don't want it off. If you start spinning the tires while climbing up a hill, you'll slow down and then start rolling backwards, then you're screwed.

In my '96 GT I had to stop at the bottom of a hill because these SoCal morons were afraid to take their AWD Lexus SUV up the hill, and I pretty much had to idle the whole way up because any throttle at all caused my tires to spin and the car to slow down.
Not if I can help it (which I usually can in GA), and I've never had a car with TCS.

(I did have a similar situation where I was on a hill in a stick-shift in snow/ice, and the truck in front of me stopped to change his front hubs to 4WD, so then I had to let it back down the hill to get going forward again.