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Unfortunately I wasn’t, but I would really like to go one day. I just read a lot of interesting information about Chile and dream of going there. I love Chile because I read a lot of reviews on . There are a lot of people sharing your impressions about your vacation, in addition, there are a lot of pictures and information that tourists need, so if you want to go there you will have a very cool vacation.


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Never travel to Chile, but finally travelled to New Orleans. Long wanted a place to be present. Here everywhere notes and music of Jazz is present. The atmosphere is so intense and people around are infused in music. They speak less and enjoy music more. Visited places with good foods both restaurants and street food. Places where people gather at night. Many and many more new Facebook friends, that share their experience and always ready to see you anytime. Splendid experience. All thanks to this guide from expert reports on living prices for New Orleans in 2020 that motivated me to visit different places knowing “what's going around”. Did not just walk randomly, but by scheme, and used the maximum possible direction to see places taking in consideration my limited time.