Trying to find an exhaust to fit my corolla

Hi everyone this is my first post here.

I baught my first car a couple of months ago which is a Toyota Corolla 1.6 vvti Tspirit. I absolutely love the car.

I'm looking to buy an exhaust backbox for it, something that'd hopefully add a few HP and sound a lot nicer, but I'm struggling to find ANYTHING that will fit it. I don't really want to be cutting through pipes or welding etc just to get the new exhaust to fit but I can't find anything that will just bolt on. Does anyone have any ideas of where I can get one? Any websites or specific back boxes you guys might have used yourselves?

Many thanks. Jack
I just bought a complete exhaust for my 2002 Corolla on eBay a couple of month ago for $345 including shipping. The item was titled: COMPLETE EXHAUST CONVERTER AND MUFFLER FOR TOYOTA COROLLA 2000 2001 2002. I just checked, and the price has since been increased to $362.50.

I think it shipped out of New Jersey, and I live less than 200 miles away, so I got it next day by ordinary ground. I didn't need the whole thing but I just didn't want to fight with it putting it in.

We had crappy weather here so I decided not to install it myself and so I took it to an independent repair shop where they quoted me $180 flat to put it in. While I was waiting at McDonald's for them to perform the installation, they called me and said that the muffler provided did not match but that they could swap in one that did, and also do some unforeseen repair to the point where it attaches to the manifold for another $40. I have no way of knowing if they were being straight with me but the total cost was low so I OK-ed the increase.
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