Turned throttle body cable by hand while running. Now engine is running horrible.

2002 1.8 VVT

The engine has been fine. 75k miles. Was doing a trans fluid change and while the engine was running, i decided to rev it to listen for any noises. I did this not at the gas pedal but at the throttle body cables. It's habit from working on carburated engines. Rev'd it a few times. things seemed fine.

anyway. a little later in the evening, i started it up to take it for a test drive again and the engine is running horrible. It starts fine and idles at around 1500 for about 5 seconds and then starts dropping down below 1000 with lots of misfiring. Reving it back up it seems okayish but also, on the ground behind the exhause pipe, the ground is wet with the spray pattern of unburnt gasoline. Check engine light of course but it's thanksgiving and I dont have a code reader.

i've tried unhooking the battery for awhile to try and reset whatever sensors i may have confused. Thought it helped but then it went right back to running horribly and stalling out.

I'm assuming i messed up something with throttle possition, O2, MAF or something. But seeing as everything WAS fine until i reached my hand in there, is there a way to reset it?

I also tried the key on then off then engine on for the idle computer reset. did not help at all.

Thank you so much. Happy Holidays.
did the battery unhook again and now the problem has disappeared. Also got my hands on a code reader but the codes are gone. I'm at a loss. Must have been something to do with the throttle/idle position sensor.