TWM Short Shifter

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So far I love the short shifter in how much shorter it is and stiffer. Installation was simple other then the dang lock/crush washer not wanting to come off on the bolt (one circled in red). You can’t get it off the bolt with a screw driver or chisel. It’ll destroy the shifter mount. Either drill holes or cut it off. Drilling was easier since where I did it at I didn’t have my grinder with me but I had a drill and bits.
anyway it was relatively easy directions could’ve been a little better. The product is a decent product except how you attach the leather back onto the shifter, they want you to use a zip tie that doesn’t hold it in place. I’ve tried 3-4 different zip ties before I think I’ve gotten it to stay put. They need to redo that area of it. Definitely worth around $150-$200... not sure about $250 though. Still a very nice upgrade and makes shifting smoother and faster. Had a problem once with a friend driving and getting into 5th gear (shifter made a weird clunking noise) otherwise I’ve never had an issue while driving with it. Had it about 3-4K miles.
where did you get this from, I've been looking for one
Purchased it through MWR (Monkey Wrench Racing). Looked into it and looks like the company is up for sale! So I guess you won't be able to get one as they're not selling any right now and don't even have a website up anymore. Contacted the company through Facebook but kinda doubt ill hear anything from them. Hope you can find a substitute or they come back online.
I sure hope a short shifter makes its way to market for the 2020 Corolla! A short shifter, aluminum shifter bushings, and aluminum cable bushings make for an amazing driving experience.