TWM Short Shifter

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So far I love the short shifter in how much shorter it is and stiffer. Installation was simple other then the dang lock/crush washer not wanting to come off on the bolt (one circled in red). You can’t get it off the bolt with a screw driver or chisel. It’ll destroy the shifter mount. Either drill holes or cut it off. Drilling was easier since where I did it at I didn’t have my grinder with me but I had a drill and bits.
anyway it was relatively easy directions could’ve been a little better. The product is a decent product except how you attach the leather back onto the shifter, they want you to use a zip tie that doesn’t hold it in place. I’ve tried 3-4 different zip ties before I think I’ve gotten it to stay put. They need to redo that area of it. Definitely worth around $150-$200... not sure about $250 though. Still a very nice upgrade and makes shifting smoother and faster. Had a problem once with a friend driving and getting into 5th gear (shifter made a weird clunking noise) otherwise I’ve never had an issue while driving with it. Had it about 3-4K miles.