What maintenance & checks are needed for 2007 Corolla S with 124K miles?


My Corolla S has 124K and there were only a few things done up to now except oil changes.
Front brake pads are replaced at 80K, Spark Plugs just recently. Not even transmission flush / change yet. Transmission fluid is light brownish and has a light smell.
There is a small noise heard only when the front wheels goes over the speed bump. It came like from the loose joints or something. What could be the problem?
Engine is a little noisy when speed is at 65 to 75 Mile/hr.
What overall maintenance & checks should I do?
What overall maintenance & checks should I do?

I would clean the battery terminal.
Then clean the MAF sensor (use the correct cleaning solution).
Check and replace the pvc valve.

Get your alternator and battery tested.
Get run a OBD scan and see if you have any codes.
You can clean the PVC valve with brake cleaner if needed. I would check the engine air filter but also cabin air filter too. You could go ahead and replace transmission fluid, there's a link somewhere with a real easy step by step. Theres no fuel filter on this model.
That noise could be sway bar end links. I had a similar noise and replaced them on my Corolla and my truck.