What would you do?


I have a 2010 Corolla with 240, 000 kms.

I've noticed that my back drums make a squeaking noise.\

I've never done any work on the back brakes except for cleaning the dust off.

I've included a video. You'll notice that the cylinder seems stuck on one side.

Also. a bit hard to see but the shoes seem to have uneven wear.

I want to get rid of the squeak. I'm thinking of taking the brakes apart and lubricating the necessary parts.

Or should I replace the shoes, drums and cylinders? Afterall, it's been 240, 000 kms.

What do guys and gals think? What would you do?

One last thing, I'm looking for a tutorial on youtube on how to take the back drum brakes apart and put them back together. any recommendations?

Thank you
Replace everything you mentioned. Apply a small dab of brake grease or white grease to the raised contact area's of the backing plate, prior to installing the new shoes. This will reduce some noise. Wash the new brake drums using Dawn dish washing soap. This will remove any residual oil. Do not use brake clean. It leaves a film. Adjust your drum to shoe clearance using a brake shoe adjustment gauge caliper.
When done, find a YouTube video on how to bed in the rear brake shoes. Good luck.