Will Corolla S rims fit on Corolla CE

Hi, Ive got a 2016 Corolla CE and I'm looking to buy 2016 Corolla S rims online. I was wondering If the rims would fit on my car directly or would i need longer lugs or spacers and so fourth. I'm currently on the stock 15 inch hub caps and i want to change to the 17 inch Corolla S mags. I had previously tried putting my friends Scion frs rims on my car because they were also 5x100 but the brake caliper was rubbing against the rim so we needed spacers but with spacers the lugs wern't long enough so that was a fail lol. So I guess my question is will the Corolla S rims fit on my Corolla CE without the need of different lugs and spacers, Im holding off on buying the rims until i figure this out so any information you guys could provide me would be awsome, Thank you!!!