You favorite wash and wax products?

Getting my new Corolla soon and want to buy a wash/wax kit. What products do you guys use and like the best? And how is your process of washing? Any tips?



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I`ve used Nu-Finish on my cars for years . Goes on easy and comes off easy . It gets high ratings in consumer mags too .
Adams products always get rave reviews on Amazon. I've purchase some myself and so far I have only been able to use the interior detailer due to an early winter arriving. but I will say that I am blown away by how well it works. can't wait until spring when I can use more of the adams products.
I've often been tempted to order one of their mystery boxes. I think it would be a lot fun to see what you get. I live in an apt so unfortunately do not have access to a hose. if I did I would definitely get a foam gun and be washing my car with the adams shampoo. I do have their buttery wax and am anxious for spring to get here so I can give that a try.
I have their tire shine, glass cleaner, waterless wash and detail spray they all are great products the detail spray is the best detail spray I’ve ever used trust me I’ve tried them all.
Hi there Izzy, I also have their waterless wash (for those times when the local birdies leave their calling cards on my car. also have their detail spray which I still have not been able to use-drat it all. also have the h20 stuff which I am anxious to use. been wanting to get their tire shine as I love the way a good tire shine makes the tire look-very cool. have been tempted to get their glass cleaner but the reviews on amazon are either hit or miss. some folks love it and others say it's terrible. I actually wound up getting a glass cleaner from shine society that people really rave about. I do have to say that it does work incredibly well. that cleaner coupled with a few microfiber towels and your windows are crystal clear and streak free. what do you think of adams glass cleaner? I also keep inside the hatch a small tote that has a ridiculous amount of microfiber towels (cheap ones from Walmart along with some good ones from adams. those towels sure come in handy. all I know is that come spring/summer this year my hatch is going to be babied like crazy and will shine brighter than a diamond. very anxious to be able to get to all that fun. I will keep myself plenty busy I know :) I bought as a gift for a friend the adams leather conditioner. she tried it and exclaimed that her seats have never looked that good. the interior detailer is a wonderful product. it adds a depth and richness to the dash/door panels that it didn't have even when I drove it off the showroom floor. plus it adds UV protection as well as dispels dust. amazing stuff.
I like Adams glass cleaner it works great 2 micro fibers and my glass is clear and streak free. I also have a gallon of their car shampoo it’s great lots of suds great berry scent and it leaves a lot of gloss on my red Corolla
izzy-gees i'm jealous here. lol. I REALLY want to be able to wash my car with the adams shampoo and get a foam gun. all of their products have such a good scent to them as well which adds to the fun factor. I just may have to try out their glass cleaner now. wonder why some folks don't like it? have you tried out their VRT yet? i'm curious about that product as well. also want to get a small bottle of the all purpose eco cleaner. seems as if adams is getting a lot of my business lately. but I am having fun with this new car 'keep it looking great' mode that i'm in now.