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I have change these things

1. compressor

2. condenser

3. ac pressure switch sensor

4. evaporator valve

still the compressor will work for a while and fail again, until I turn it off a bit and turn on again then it work for a while again
I have a 1.6 Valvematic engine and it developed the dreaded vvti rattle on cold start. It doesn't do it every morning but ever 15-20 start ups has anybody had this issue and is it worth the cost to fix it.

2013 toyota corolla paint problems is real no excuses toyota makers i don't have to take it to any car dealer or any experts i paint car for a living for the pass 36 years , I always say toyota are good cars but every year they making it worse . TOYOTA STOP YOUR BS PAINT JOB MAKE IT RIGHT .
Thank you mcparker. It is very encouraging to be so nicely refered to not only builds our confidence as woman, but it also gives us the human approach to life we so need today.
Interstate Toyota is a Toyota dealership in Airmont, NY. Whether you are in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, we are committed to providing all your automotive needs, from sales, finance, service, parts, body shop, car rentals to even towing. We have wide range of selection for new, certified preowned and used Toyota plus Bargain Center and Financing Department so that you can calculate your payment all under one
Fabulous vehicle!! Just had a weird event though. Locked my vehicle, went indoors, 30 minutes later, returned to my car to find all my windows fully open and car still locked. Anybody know anything about how that can happen please?
I have a 93 Corolla with 200K that has started to stall after it warns up. It will idle fine in park or neural. I have replaced many of the easy engine parts and made sure the transmission fluid was correct. It was over filled so I drained it and added new fluid. I cleaned the throttle body but it still stalls especially in warm weather. If I use hi octane in winter in will sputter but not stall as much.
I had a 1998 Toyota Corolla-was trying 2 make it to 1M miles, got over 250K though! Now I have parts that R specific to 98-00/98-02 Corollas, like new headlights both sides, multiple brand new interior tan/beige handles (both driver & passenger side/front & rear), vent visors/front only, 14 inch tires and rims, and new windshield wipers. Please see my for sale post. Thanks!
I have a 1997 Toyota Corolla CE, nice body withred paint, with 1.6 with 84k original miles,, that needs front struts and power steering pump, would like to sell.
The name’s JOE NYAGGAH. I am a tireless seeker of knowledge, occassional purveyor of wisdom and also, coincidentally, a graphic designer.
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finfal’s the name and this Corolla is a couples thing, sounded nice in my head. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
2014 Toyota Corolla 's model bought brand new use synthetic oil I have a 125,000 miles on it. I still have the original front brakes.This is my 1st Toyota I have ever owned. I haven't had any problems at all with it. Highly recommend!! Great job Toyota! Brick N.J.
Good Morning. I have a Borla "Cat-Back" System for a 2009 to 2013 Corolla S/XRS I am selling it for $265.
Got new windshield installed on 18 Corolla and precollision warning on dash. Anyone know how to reset without expensive dealer visit?