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    Check Engine light on and VSC light blinking

    Today I went and started my car and noted that the check engine was on and the VSC light was blinking. I googled it and some of the replies mentioned the gas cap. I had filled up the prior day so I went and checked and sure enough, the gas cap wasn't tightened all the way. I removed it...
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    OMG - ??????

    What do you mean by BIG BRAKE KIT?
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    100,000 mile maintenance recommendations; 2013 Corolla S

    I did my flush, done by dealer, at 90K and have had no issue. You can either do a drain and fill or flush. Everyone has different ideas on car maintenance. I have seen people change their oil every 2k miles and drain and fill tranny every 15k miles which to me is excessive and unnecessary but...
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    Over heating

    Have you replaced your hoses? Mileage of your fluid?
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    CVT transmission and/or torque converter failure in the 2014 to 2017 Toyota Corolla's

    Sounds like nothing more than a hit piece against the Corolla and Toyota. Every car and Manu has recalls. Nothing new.
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    2009 Corolla Struts and transmission issue

    Check your fluid. I agree that your struts should have no issue with your tranny shifting weirdly.
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    2018 Corolla LE Transmission Issue

    Agreed, check your fluid level. If it is good, take it in and have the dealer check the issue.
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    2013 le tire issue

    The best solution is to have the same size all round but baring that, go with what the shop says. The 205/55R16 are what came with the vehicle. Unless the tires you have on your vehicle are new, I would replace all 4 with stock size. The 215's are just a bit wider while the 205/60's are taller.
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    2009 Corolla Struts and transmission issue

    Have you checked the fluid level of your tranny? No way should your struts be bad this early.
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    Changing size of tires from 16" to 17"

    Nice wheels, they look real good with the blue.
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    1.8L oil filter type?

    Wow, he changed that oil way too early and at every 1500 miles, way too often. But good video non the less. To the OP, it is a canister type not screw on.
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    I'm thinking about getting a 2010 Toyota Corolla as my first car. Should I consider it?

    Mine has been great since I bought it in 2011. No real issues. To the OP, check for any leaks. Have it put in the air and check real good for leaks and rust. Corollas are generally bullet proof unless it wasn't taken care of. Check for maintenance records using the VIN at a Toyota site.
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    2010 Corolla - thumping noise when turning to right

    Does it make the sound why sitting still and turning the wheel? Might be rubbing something or as others have said, check CV joint.
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    100,000 mile maintenance recommendations; 2013 Corolla S

    I would do a Tranny flush and for piece of mind, change your fan belt. Your radiator fluid is good for 150K supposedly but you can do a drain and fill on it to help keep it fresh. Get yourself a battery with at least 600 cold cranking amps if not more if you have the money.
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    from the gas pedal/ Accelerate/ coming from a stoplight

    You either threw out the alignment, balance or both. Take it to a shop and have them check it out.