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    Should I rotate my tires ?

    Yes, I'm always rotating over like 8k miles. I haven't done that before, but a friend of DSRLeasing told me that it's a basically a must so I developed a habit already with this ;)
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    Hey, congrats and welcome! A friend of mine from DSRLeasing had a couple of Mazdas in his life and none has really given him many problems, but it is really dependable on model and luck factor. You got yourself a good ride as far as I'm concerned, cheers!
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    What did you own/drive before getting your Corolla?

    Well I can believe you drove RR. My friend from DSRLeasing used to drive more expensive cars in the past than he does now, although I never knew anybody who has jumped down as much as you. May we know a reason? Did you go bankrupt or something?
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    What did your Corolla have for breakfast?

    God, well. I think I'm too much of an animal lover. I remember when I was coming back from a party and my friend from DSRLeasing was driving, I was drunk af, but he hit an coyote. Damn, every time I see pictures like that something stirs inside of me.
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    What are the best .onion anonymous gateways?

    I've had my fair share of fun on darknet, didn't even know it is possible by any chance to run it on normal internet, at least I didn't go into details as much.
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    Well, I actually never considered manual windows a downside. Same for my buddy from DSRLeasing, maybe it is because we got used to it though. Anyway, congratulations on your purchase and let it suit you well!
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    MY Cosmetic Upgrades....Share yours.

    LOL! Haha, looks amazing bro, you may be sure of everyone turning their back to look at your car. Have fun riding this, I remember when my buddy from DSRLeasing did totally "lame" modifications to his car when we were in college, those weird looks on people faces are priceless.
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    My New 2017 Corolla iM 6MT

    Hey, congratulations on your purchase. Looks really amazing, my wife wanted to get this car very much, but I changed her mind telling her that I have a better deal down at DSRLeasing. Truth be told now, I would appreciate having this more family car around, really solid one.
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    What's your favorite road to drive for fun?

    Wow, the road from the OP's picture looks so amazing. Would love to drive there some day and will definitely do. My friend from DSRLeasing has family in SoCal so there is a good chance I will visit those roads with him :P
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    Hey, congratulations on your purchase. I hope it suits you well, may we count on any pictures? I hope you like the changes you are going to do, my friend's from DSRLeasing wife is driving 2012 Corolla in black, but she refused any changes her husband wanted to implement :D
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    2016 electronic key issue

    Don't know, my friend from DSRLeasing had some problem with keys as well, but he took it to dealer right away. Can't find any diy possibility as well.
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    no dash or tail lights

    Wow, nice of you to be posting it here. It's a really simple fix although I've seen many people struggling with it, even my buddy from DSRLeasing was bothering himself with that some time ago. Cheers
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    Showing off my new 18s, let's see what you guys are riding on.

    Wow, looks really beautiful on this landscape! My friend from DSRLeasing has a very similar one although his is black.
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    Poll time!!

    I see A won definitely, but I wouldn't mind the B as well. My friend from DSRLeasing actually had an A, maybe that's why I subconsciously would go for B :P
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    2017 Toyota Corolla

    I have nothing against leases, actually my corolla is at lease. My friend that works at DSRLeasing always get himself decent deals and is just upgrading every two years, but to do that you need some spare cash so the whole upgrading is even worth it.