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  1. Betzy

    All Weather Tires

    If your driving is affected by snow & ice, winter tires gives your car the grip and comfort it needs. I would highly recommend the Nokian All-Weather tires if you live in an area that gets snow but don't want to have two sets of tires for each season, I haven't found anything that can compete...
  2. Betzy

    2nd wave...Covid 19 preparedness.

    I didn't take any chances when my order arrived from banggood earlier this week. Even if 72 hours incubation period results in diminished threat. With colder weather and more cases multiplying daily, my thought's are store your shipments another 4 days in your garage. Just my thoughts anyway
  3. Betzy

    New member introduction

    Hi there & greetings from Toronto, Ontario. I'm Betzy.