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  1. gregory007

    Just Bought a 2017 Toyota Corolla IM, and have anxiety over something :-(

    The Corolla iM is a decent choice that looks good on paper thanks to its robust features list. But I think shoppers would be happier paying a little extra for a more well-rounded small hatchback.The car ranks near the back of the compact car class. The Corolla iM has an upscale interior and a...
  2. gregory007

    Budget kitchen

    My kitchen was second hand from ebay, three years old and out of a second home that was being extended and the ground floor completely redesigned. It had barely been used and was in really good condition. £1500 including good quality appliances, and a current range from the manufacturer so I was...
  3. gregory007

    2020 Lease question

    Wow, 12.50 is not so small, but I don’t have a car yet and I need your advice. I found one good model for $ 12,000 and I have two solutions. I can take it on credit from a car dealership or take a loan from a bank and get a car right away. I prefer the second option, because I read on...