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  1. Demixl

    2012 Corolla L - What did I miss when installing this door lock actuator?

    That's a concerning problem, and you should immediately get it checked out. I recently replaced my door lock actuator, but I didn't encounter this problem. The hardest part was getting the door back on, but it still wasn't very difficult. I also had a couple of little plastic clips pop off when...
  2. Demixl

    2012 Corolla L - What did I miss when installing this door lock actuator?

    That's a concerning problem, and you should immediately get it checked out.
  3. Demixl

    Bearing or CV Joint noice in my 03 Corolla

    It would be better if you address at high qualified people. May be they can help you in this issue.
  4. Demixl

    need to sell 1972 Corolla project car

    If you have a problem with where to buy a car, then there are many good sites I know, one of them is . So I took my new Tayota from a good dealer. I've been driving a car for a year now, and I haven't seen any problems at all...
  5. Demixl

    Toyota corolla e120 1.4 vvti 2004

    I will ask my friend about that
  6. Demixl

    Bluetooth iPhone

    I've never had this problem
  7. Demixl

    need to sell 1972 Corolla project car

    Yeah, I know some sites, I will send u later
  8. Demixl

    Can I save money on an exhaust repair?

    Undoubtedly, you can save money and do all the work yourself. To do this, you need to have a welding machine and knowledge of proper welding. Once I also wanted to save on repairs and my father just left a lot of tools, including a welding machine. From my childhood, I don't remember much of my...
  9. Demixl

    What is the most profitable farming business?

    Farming became the least profitable business nowdays. My father is a farmer and he wanted me to follow his path. I said no way after seeing how much physical effort he invests almost in nothing. I was helping him a lot when I was younger. Now I promote independent pharmacies in Australia. I...
  10. Demixl

    My mum wont stop (gambling)

    I too have a mother that gambles but unlike you I have never really addressed it with her, she is 80 and has gambled for a number of years all her money and has done a reverse mortgage on her house and gambled that as well she was quite well off before she started and would have been...
  11. Demixl

    VIDEO - 2014 Toyota Corolla TV Commercial 'Style Never Goes Out Of Style'

    Cable TV often broadcasts ads for new brands, as if this will actually increase their sales, LOL
  12. Demixl

    How far do you travel?

    I was just curious to see how far everyone has to travel to train at their respective gyms. And how far you think might be too far? I have to drive an hour, which to me is probably close to the limit for regular training, what with gas prices and what not. Thoughts?
  13. Demixl

    Budget kitchen

    It is very difficult to assemble a budget kitchen, because cooking equipment is very expensive. My friend recently opened a mini restaurant and started looking for budget cooking equipment and the cheapest thing he could find was stainless steel tables and benches to adjustable trolleys. The...
  14. Demixl

    Budget kitchen

    I’m moving into my first house in a few months. I need to get a new kitchen. However I’m on a budget and only want to pay up to 5k including fitting. Just wondered if anyone had recommendations for where to look?. Also is there anyway I can keep the cost down. For example I was thinking about...
  15. Demixl

    Bluetooth Microphone

    Aren't the magnetic microphones used for speeches? They make the sound clearer.
  16. Demixl


    Oh, this issue with car insurance is very exciting for me. Because I've learned from my own experience that you can't drive for a single day without insurance. So, I did it once, and I'm still paying for it. I got driving when my insurance wasn't ready. And, of course, that same day I had an...
  17. Demixl

    Corolla Insurance Odd

    Hey, guys, so your insurance is over? I had a situation where my wife broke her car (we have 2 cars), after this incident, she started looking for insurance that would cover the accident in an undesirable next case. Since there are many ways to cover repairs, I believe that it is better to use...
  18. Demixl

    Corolla Insurance Odd

    Howdy guys, so your insurance is over?
  19. Demixl


    Unfortunately I wasn’t, but I would really like to go one day. I just read a lot of interesting information about Chile and dream of going there. I love Chile because I read a lot of reviews on . There are a lot of people sharing your impressions about your vacation, in...
  20. Demixl

    Bristle worms and fireworms

    Hey, buddy. I have read, that bristle worms, you need, can be found at inter-tidal zones down to 130 ft. Moreover, only in some countries. I think, that you should ask guys from ARC Reef, where I have read about worms. There is the call-center, that I think, should help you in resolving your...