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  1. ToyBoy

    Oil Changes

    Here in this area Winter is not great . So I always do an oil change in my driveway before the cold and snowfall weather . Then I do another in between Spring and summer when it is decent outside. So I do at least twice a year and may change before the mileage is close to needing. May or may not...
  2. ToyBoy

    Tire Pressure

    I got some new tires not long ago but weather is turning colder. Still not winter weather of course. I checked the tire pressure and they were down a bit from the 32 lb. recommended. So I went and filled them up to 35 lb. per tire. I figure with the weather just going to get colder they will...
  3. ToyBoy

    2022 Corolla

    My daughter had a bad crash a few weeks back. She did not have any real bad injuries . She had a 2020 Nissan in the crash . It was totalled . She took my advice and bought a 2020 Corolla. I feel the Corollas will hold up better long term. If you watch mechanic Scotty Kilmer on YouTube he is a...
  4. ToyBoy

    New Tires

    It just got some new tires . I bought Kumho Solus T11 tires at Discount Tire hear in town . I had around 44K miles on the previous tires same brand. The car is riding real nice .
  5. ToyBoy

    Rear Drum Brakes

    A couple weeks ago I took my car in for a rear drum brake job. My 2014 had 83K miles . The drums were not changed just the pads and springs . I expected it to cost $150 but they charged $270 . Quite a bit more than I expected .
  6. ToyBoy

    Corolla website

    This is a Corolla website.
  7. ToyBoy

    A dad is washing the car with his son.

    After a moment the son asks his father , " Do you think we could use a sponge instead? " :D
  8. ToyBoy


    For those of you that really like your Corolla you may have gotten the Corollavirus!
  9. ToyBoy

    Supertech oil filter

    What do you think about the Supertech oil filter for a 2014 Corolla? On a 2014 they are the type that just inserts into the oil filter container. The Supertech is rated for a 10k lifespan and has a rubber molding at top and bottom of the filter. They sell at Walmart for $2.97 . I picked one up...
  10. ToyBoy

    Transmission fluid change

    My 2014 corolla just turned over 60K miles and I had the tranny fluid changed at my dealer for a total of $220 . Just wonder on the 2014 and newer how much were you charged for a tranny fluid change ?
  11. ToyBoy

    All those in favor of saving gasoline

    Please raise your right foot.
  12. ToyBoy

    battery replaced yet?

    Anyone with a 2014 Corolla have to replace your battery yet?
  13. ToyBoy


    You know if I could get a suv that gets the same gas mileage as my Corolla at the same price as a Corolla and great reliabilty I would consider one. These are the main reasons I bought my Corolla.
  14. ToyBoy

    Gas Filter

    I have a2014 Corolla. Just wonder where the gas filter is located?
  15. ToyBoy


    Hey Corolla fans, I have a 2014 Corolla that I am really pleased with. I bought it new and it has 53K miles with 0 issues. I don`t plan on buying a new car soon but you never know. My question is when the time comes for a new car purchase would you maybe jump up to a new Camry?
  16. ToyBoy

    New plugs yesterday

    Put new spark plugs in my 2014 Corolla yesterday. I know could have gone longer but like my oil changes I don`t wait too long . Only have 51,500 miles on my car bought new. I used the stock Denso Iridium plugs bought off Ebay for a 4pak free shipping ,total 17 bucks. Easy enough job to do on the...
  17. ToyBoy

    My new Kawasaki Versys 650 LT

  18. ToyBoy

    Ooga Horn

    Just installed a Wolo 330 Ooga horn.Just for the fun of it :-) .
  19. ToyBoy

    battery replace

    Got a 2014 Corolla with 47k miles . We are having some single digit and below this week and next.So far the car is starting up ok. I just wonder if anyone has had to replace a battery yet? What do you suppose is the average lifespan on these batterys?
  20. ToyBoy

    Brake Change

    I changed the brake pads and rotors on the front of my 2014 Corolla LE plus yesterday at around 41,500 miles. I picked my parts at "Rockauto" for a very good price. That said after looking the used parts over they look like I could have doubled the mileage to change. I used "Wagner" brake pads...