1. G

    2018 Corolla LE: Avg MPG Display: 20.8 ???

    I've got 157 miles on the odometer. 37 were highway, the rest was mostly short trips, or stop and go. Shouldn't this still be higher?
  2. P

    How much mileage is my car suppose to give me?

    I got a 2016 corolla s with 29000 miles on it, I average 34.5 mpg as of right now and when I fill it up it estimates that it gives me 375 mile total but when the gas light turns on it only gives me like 340 total or so just before I fill up but I estimated that my car should give me atleast 455...
  3. Raza Waqif

    Any way to show "Current Speed" in the center screen of the Tachometer?

    So, before I purchased my 2015 Corolla S, I was driving around a 2015 Camry as a rental. One thing that was useful was the fact that you could have the digital screen (the one that sits between the two tachometers) display the current speed of the car. Does anyone here know if its possible to...
  4. Raza Waqif

    How often do you S-Owners use Sport mode?

    Genuinely kinda curious. I typically turn mine on if I'm getting on the highway during traffic time or if I just feel like doing more spirited driving. Would love to keep it on 24/7 if it didn't consume so much gas lmao.
  5. Raza Waqif

    High gas consumption when using Manual, is this normal?

    2015 Corolla S, purchased within this month. I was on a big empty road today and decided to try using Manual for the first time. At a full stop I shift to the Manual option (using the gearshift not paddles), press the sport button and take off at a reasonable speed. Not gunning the pedal all the...