2009 2ZR-FE Engine - Recommend Engine Oil

What Engine oil do you recommend to use for engine 2ZR-FE on Corolla 2009?

I saw 'fishycomics' recommend Castrol GTX 5W20 on his Corolla 2010
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I've always used Mobil1 full synthetic. The last change, I switched to Amsoil. Toyota calls for full synthetic in the 14 Corolla so I would stick with that.
You are supposed to use full synthetic on the 2ZR-FE. DO NOT USE GTX!!!

I use Mobil1 Synthetic or Castrol Syntec Gold, depending on what is in stock.

Also, the motor calls for 0w20.
Greetings flash_os! :) I'm an independent AMSOIL synthetic lubricants Dealer of over 25 years experience.

Using a petroleum oil in an engine that requires a superior performing synthetic oil will cause engine damage.

Your Corolla's engine came from Toyota factory assembly lined equipped with a 0W-20 synthetic motor oil and Toyota recommends all subsequent oil changes be done with the same. :thumbdown:

Mobil 1, (the second in synthetics), is a decent product, but AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, "The First in Synthetics", (tm), outperform. I provide all Corolla Forum members wholesale prices with a Preferred Customer account, so you get the unmatched performance and protection of the pioneering leader in the synthetic lubricants industry, (AMSOIL synthetics), at lower prices than for competing synthetics. I also have high performance AMSOIL Ea Absolute Efficiency oil filters, or oil filters from Wix or Mann, again all at wholesale prices.

Beware that synthetic oils are not all the same, (far from it), no more than tires, brakes, spark plugs, etc. are all the same. Message me for a price. :thumbup1:
"Using a petroleum oil in an engine that requires a superior performing synthetic oil will cause engine damage."

Where's the proof for that statement?
"Using a petroleum oil in an engine that requires a superior performing synthetic oil will cause engine damage."

Where's the proof for that statement?
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The engineers who design the car that specify synthetic oil must be used in the engine or the warranty on the engine can be voided.
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Response from bobistheoilguy website:

"I have the new manual in front of me and after promoting their 20 weight for a couple of paragraphs, the last line on the page reads:

"An oil with a higher viscosity may be better suited if the vehicle is operated at high speeds, or under extreme load conditions."

So they're leaving the door open for other weights."

From corolland forum moderator:

"Convention vs synthetic motor oil - more of a personally preference in most cases. In some climates and driving conditions, you will benefit from synthetic motor oils - for all others, very little gain. What is more important is having regular fluid exchanges, rather than concentrating on brand or type of motor oil. Modern formulations of conventional motor oil are actually pretty close or in some cases superior to some older synthetics."
Simply not true. :blink: I am very surprised in this Internet information age that there are still some people who don't know much about motor oils and especially top quality high technology synthetic oils. I'm not referencing you, but the quote you posted. I personally find that website an excellent source of disinformation. I haven't visited there in many years and wont.

There are millions of vehicles the world over that come with their engines filled with synthetic oils right from the factory assembly lines. Many of these vehicle manufacturers stating the engine warranty will be voided if the proper oil, (synthetic), is not used for all future oil changes. The below article and video will go over the substantial differences between high technology, high quality synthetic motor oils like AMSOIL vs old technology, dead dinosaur oils -

Synthetic Oil: Rx For Long Engine Life
- by Curt Scott


Synthetic Oil Basics from www.HiTechOil.com

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That's NOT proof!

"...can be voided" is a vague way of saying nothing.

A contributor from Australia on another Corolla site states his owner's manual gives acceptable oils up to 20W50.

Is this site independent or owned and managed by AmSoil?
The use of improper oil in any engine can void the engine warranty, as owners manuals state.

Indeed test results are proof that there are huge differences between advanced technology synthetic oils vs old technology dead dinosaur oils. Toyota had a lot of problems when using petroleum oils and now that they have switched over all their newer vehicles to synthetic oils, those problems are no more.

If you want concrete written in stone proof and that is the only thing you will accept, contact Toyota themselves for verification.

But hey, use whatever floats you boat. I'm just trying to point you in the right direction. :thumbsup: