2016 Corolla

Anyone looking forward to what the 2016 model has to offer? I loved the 2015 Corolla S I drove, but after looking at my situation, I will be better suited to get a 2016 Corolla S probably at the end of this year.

My thought process is this. 2014 was the big redesign. 2015 was a few minor changes. I'm hoping 2016 is another slight improvement in a few areas without looking too different. Also hearing rumors of a possible anniversary model?

Either way, I really like Corollas for their cost, efficiency, and their willingness to never die with good maintenance.

Also, I wonder when Toyota plans to announce the new model? Chicago might be the best bet, but I'm hoping fairly soon.
I wouldnt look for major changes this soon, toyota has never been known to give up on something that works. You can get relly good pricing now and several trim levels too. I got an L for now and i love this car, but im probably gonna look at a 16 or 17 S at some point.
Sounds good to me. I'll be happy with just minor changes and improvements along the way with the current style of model. I really like the look of the 2015 Corolla S in blue crush.

I bought a first year model 2013 Scion FR-S, and that was a gamble. I'm very thankful that my car hasn't had a single issue in two years. Typically, I like to wait a year or two after a new refresh to grab a model so any of those minor "kinks" are worked out with the new design. The Corolla is a lot different though since Toyota likes to update this model after long periods of time and not every 4-5 years.