Brake Change


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I changed the brake pads and rotors on the front of my 2014 Corolla LE plus yesterday at around 41,500 miles. I picked my parts at "Rockauto" for a very good price. That said after looking the used parts over they look like I could have doubled the mileage to change. I used "Wagner" brake pads and "Raybestos" rotors that got good ratings after I did a research on them . I just took advantage of a nice summer day since I have to do this outside in my driveway and I won`t do it during a winter month. That all said I was wondering if anyone has had there brake and rotor change done on their Corolla at a shop lately and what is the going rate $ for the work?
Coming real late to this, but I had this done yesterday at Mavis Tire. $279 for pads, new rotors and fluid flush.

Also, a lifetime warranty on the pads.

I don't know what brand they use.
Did you measure the pad material thickness before you replaced them? I have 2015 with 48K miles. My pads are at 60%. I'm sure they will go to at least 90K before needing replacement. Toyota has really improved the wear characteristics on their pad material. Typically in the past, front pads would wear out in the 20-40K range (based on driving style).
Dealer replacement cost is ~$350, but I think they turn the rotors vs. replacing them.
You have to be careful about having your brakes done at shops that don't specialize in brakes. These shops use inferior Chinese no name brand parts to keep costs down. For that reason alone, I prefer to do my own brakes using parts I select, like toyboy did. You should read between lines on those lifetime warranties. Obviously, brake pads will never last a lifetime. The way these scams work is that they charge you a premium labor cost to replace them when they wear out. So a set of pads may cost you $150 in labor to replace. Something to consider.
They told me there was 4.5mm pad material left. This is my daughter's car, I didn't want to try to eke out all the mileage I could since I don't get the car from her too often. She needed a state inspection and that's why the car was in there.
I understand what you are saying about inferior parts, like I said I don't know what they used. Time will tell.