Compare Prius C TWO and Corolla LE Auto

My local Toyota dealership is having a sale for both and they are now about the same price. I understand that Prius c TWO is a hatchback and is a lot shorter and smaller than corolla. But with 10+ better avg. mpg and higher cargo room (when rear seats are down), it makes me think that perhaps prius c is a better choice for practical use.

I would like to get some input if anyone have considered both before the purchase and the reason for your final decision.

Thanks in advance.
well, personally the Prius C is slow. (I think it has 90 hp combined) If it were the regular Prius I would consider it but the C is just to much compromise for me. I would go with the Rolla over the C (and it would be a manual). That is my 2 cents worth.
When i bought my corolla, My dealer had a prius c three in a discount for end of the year closeout. The difference in cost was about 5K, so i did a 5 year cost comparison and based on total cost including gas, oil, and overall cost of purchasing the car the corolla was the same cost and is a lot more fun to drive.
How long do you plan to keep the car? How long do the batteries last? Will the car ever sit for long periods of time, batteries don't like to sit? Is your diving habits such that it will be charging the batteries at an optimum rate? How much do the batteries cost?
That said I do see one Honda Insight still around in my neighborhood and those electric cars came out around in 2000 I think.
My problem with the Prius is how they ride. I had a few cab rides in San Francisco when I was there for business and they mostly had Prius for their cars. Absolutely the worst car I have been inside in a long time. Rough ride, feels cheap like it's only made for one thing, MPG. Comfort was thrown out the door.

I still don't trust the battery hybrid systems and after looking at the cost of replacing one down the road, I definitely do not want one. The Corolla is something you can keep for 20 years if you maintain it well. It's a proven car that works.