Key in "on" position for a few a seconds before driving?

Growing up, my first employer always told me to first turn the key to the "on" position for a few seconds before starting. He said this activates the fuel pump.

When I had my '98 Metro, I would put it in the "on" position and I would actually hear the fuel pump activated. I would then start the car after the fuel pump noise ended.

On my 2002 Corolla, I don't hear the fuel pump. I start the car after the air bag light goes off.

If this unnecessary? Does anyone else do this?


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no gas is already in the line, and ready to go. while pressure is in the tank. soon as the key is turned that split second give the release, to get gas going, and not pressing the pedal.

never did that. but like said I start mine today a modern way and the car does go in an on position for a delay and then start, and prechecks, starts, ...

It isa good idea to see if your system the car is trouble free. normally the check engine lite will stay lite while the key is in the On position, then turn off when started

a lot can be said, answer, No.