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  • Hi peeps, I drive a corolla 2011 with original tires 205/55R16.
    I would like to keep 16 inch, not modify any but go on a larger tire. No low profile tire.
    What size would you suggest ?
    I know there will be a speedometer variance though.
    Thanks in advance for your assistance
    Hi there... Is it a good idea to change the stock exhaust to my 2010 corolla a/t. I have a friend he change his exhaust in his corolla but its m/t.. it really sounds good when changing gear..

    Need an advice.. thanks
    Hey, I haven't ordered the non-waterproof strip yet but I do have a blue waterproof one. You want that or do you want to wait till I get the non-waterproof one? Just so you know you can remove the lacquer off easily though.
    My toyota corolla is 2000 and there is one terminal and it contain 2 wire for seat belt indicator. There is no side effect except it turn the red seat belt light off on the dashboard. There is no more seat belt warning so you have to remember to put it on.
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