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    2009 VVTI filter

    Air filter, fuel filter, Cabin air filter. What filter are you asking about?
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    Advice on buying a 2010 Corolla

    looks like a good one
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    Engine shuts off when AC is on in slow traffic

    I am not sure what the difference between an automatic and a manual compressor is, to me the compressor would be the same. Are you referring to the center dash AC controls? Automatic controls versus manual controls? If that is the case there may be an issue when the AC is on to tell the computer...
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    Front speakers not working

    If you replace your speakers you can search forum for threads to find out how to do it. I did a thread on how I did mine without drilling out the rivets.
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    2013 Toyota Corolla LE 1.8 AC issues

    I agree on an independent shop. Be sure it's reliable and they know AC. It might need a compressor, but I think $1200 is a bit much. A reputable shop may charge less if it is in fact a compressor issue. There will of course likely be a charge to diagnose for you but if it turns out that all it...
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    What's the best method for reading the flat oil dipstick?

    as long as the level is in between those indentations you are fine, however stopping gravity from making the oil dip off the stick is a problem. My stick is different, but the oil also wants to run down and drip off the end, all I can suggest is to be a little quicker in pulling it out and...
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    Gas mileage drop off

    To change fuel filter you likely have to pull the sending unit out of the gas tank. Not necessarily hard to do but you have to take the back seat out and go through an access panel. Before you do that do as suggested check mass air flow sensor, you can get CRC mass airflow cleaner and try that...
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    What Did You Do to Your Corolla Today?

    Got new tires last Sat
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    Oil change frequency

    there was as an investigation done here in Canada, several different dealers and brands, on an news channel. The advice given by service advisors generally is quite different than what the manual says. After the service advisor would give a long list of things to do, it was compared to what the...
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    lost keys beep when close?

    there are gps trackers that you can use, however you need your key so you can attach the tracker. Otherwise it is a search until you find them. You do have a second key I hope.
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    Toyota Corolla E150 Central Locking

    not sure what you mean. My car has keyless entry. the trunk does not unlock when I unlock the doors. I have a pad in the middle of the trunk lid, right above the license plate and the trunk only "unlocks" and opens when I press that pad or use the key fob., other wise it remains closed and...
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    2010 5 Speed Shifter Stiff?

    you can also check to make sure the pedal is properly adjusted
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    Long Life Brake Fluid?

    I just notice an error in my response and would like to clarify, what I meant to say was if you car calls for premium fuel you CAN NOT go down to regular or you risk damage.
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    Oil filter wrench?

    It does not matter to me anymore as my warranty is way past over. However I did ask my Toyota dealer about changing my own oil when it was under warranty and I was told that if I bought the Toyota oil from them (maybe filter as well, can't remember) and kept the receipt then it would be fine as...
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    E140 License Plate Screw Size

    I don't know the size but I bought the vinyl ones that are on the shelves at Walmart, or any other store. They fit perfect and have held one for several years now.