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    Small Flash Drive for 2020 Corolla music?

    Hey guys... I'm dealing with not having a cd player...I know, I guess I'm old-school haha I loaded all my cd's into my laptop and put them on my phone, but would like a way to access them in my 2020 SE without having to use my phone. Will a small flash drive work? I don't want a full size one...
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    New 2020 SE!

    Will do! So far I'm really enjoying it...I test drove the LE with the 1.8, and honestly would have been just as happy...but I was approved on the SE, and much preferred the color on this vs the silver or bright white that the dealer had the LE in. The "launch gear," also gives it quicker pickup...
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    New 2020 SE!

    Hey member, new Corolla owner! This is my 2020 Corolla SE in Blue Print, and I love it! It's the first brand new car that I've ever purchased, and I'm very excited about it! (Obviously!)