Small Flash Drive for 2020 Corolla music?


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Hey guys...
I'm dealing with not having a cd player...I know, I guess I'm old-school haha

I loaded all my cd's into my laptop and put them on my phone, but would like a way to access them in my 2020 SE without having to use my phone.

Will a small flash drive work? I don't want a full size one sticking out of the usb port in the car, begging to be broken off by someone's knee...

Looking at something like this:
SanDisk 32GB Cruzer

Any help would be appreciated!
My radio in Toyota has recently stopped seeing the drive. When I noticed this breakdown, I tried to change the drive itself. When the music still does not play from different flash drives, the device may be faulty, and it must be handed over under warranty, that is, transferred for diagnosis and repair. If the flash drive is working, you don't have to fix it. But if it doesn't work, you still have to restore it or buy a new one. Usually, I always restore drives and repair them, so I always store valuable information on them.