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    2020 2.0L -- MPG check

    Are you saying you are getting over 30MPG for driving in stop and go traffic??? I know you live in NYC and I know NYC streets. I work in Times Square but live right across the Hudson in Jersey in West New York NJ, and all my driving is city where as it's stop and go and lucky if I can drive...
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    2020 Toyota Corolla power window button light(s)

    Only the drivers side window button lights up blue. I said myself why the hell does Toyota do this?? Even the map light buttons on the top console should be lit up as well. Hard to see when your driving to put the damn map light on. Map lights are RIGHT there next to the ya think...
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    2020 Corolla SE Sedan City MPG

    I'm still going to watch my MPG for city driving because city driving is stop and go traffic and it should be getting close to what its rated. I'm not even driving the car on a daily basis for as I work in the city and take mass transit. But does A LOT better than my Tundra where I...
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    2020 Corolla SE Sedan City MPG

    Hello all, New member here. Came from Tundra forum but sold my 2018 Tundra and got me my Corolla. I live in a city where there is constant stop and go traffic and rarely go over 45MPH well since, traffic wont allow it. Anyway, I bought the car for its MPG City/Highway and I have had my car...