1. T


    Hey everyone, Bought my Toyota Corolla 2014 LE this summer. Currently have 106k on it. I am not really a car person but trying my best to learn. I am currently looking for a fog lights kit, preferably yellow lights, because I bought the car without them. I looked on ebay and amazon but hesitant...
  2. Milaktunerbog

    2E engine tachometer install

    I bought a tachometer (picture provided) for my 1989 corolla 1.3 2E carb (engine pic provided) i am confused as to how am I supposed to install this tachometer any help is appreciated
  3. Connor

    Wheels - The Hard Decision!

    I have a 2011 Toyota Corolla that is the most difficult color for modding, Barcelona Red Mica. I'm trying to find some 18 wheels to replace my 16 inch steel rims, preferably black and silver, or black with a chrome rim, but I'm open to ideas. If anyone reading this has a Barcelona Red Mica...
  4. Chris Denton

    Add push to start

    Has anyone tried to add the push to start option? Can it simply be added with OEM parts?