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  1. T


    Hey everyone, Bought my Toyota Corolla 2014 LE this summer. Currently have 106k on it. I am not really a car person but trying my best to learn. I am currently looking for a fog lights kit, preferably yellow lights, because I bought the car without them. I looked on ebay and amazon but hesitant...
  2. E110Rolla

    New guy in Tennessee

    Hello all! I just purchased a 1998 Corolla VE a couple of months ago, and I'm planning to eventually start modding it once I finish college and start earning more money. Until then it's just going to be a cheap daily driver. Decided to sign up for the forums so I could hopefully learn a little...
  3. Kimberly Horman

    Anyone Know How Many Manuals Were Built in 2018?

    Brought my new baby home on Monday. I was just wondering how many of the 2018 SEs were built with manual transmissions. Is there a way to find this information somewhere? They seem quite few and far between.
  4. Ericksol96

    Maintainence in these newer cars?

    hey guys, I recently bought a Super White 2016 Corolla S Plus with 9,900 miles for 14,995 (plus tax). I’m a college student and I’m also an Uber driver. I had an old Chrysler 2000 that gave out around 60,000 miles because it was left out for 2-3 years without turning it on (before I used it) and...
  5. Coco1114

    Greetings from Canada

    Hello! New member here, I live in Ontario. I bought my first Toyota in February 2017, a manual 2010 Corolla LE with 131 000 km. So far I love it, it has delivered more than what I was expecting. It handles well, is rather comfy and is easy to maintain. I am looking forward to discuss with you guys!