Maintainence in these newer cars?

Discussion in '2014 + Toyota Corolla' started by Ericksol96, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Ericksol96

    Ericksol96 New Member

    hey guys, I recently bought a Super White 2016 Corolla S Plus with 9,900 miles for 14,995 (plus tax). I’m a college student and I’m also an Uber driver. I had an old Chrysler 2000 that gave out around 60,000 miles because it was left out for 2-3 years without turning it on (before I used it) and had issues to begin with. My question for you guys that have 100,000-200,000 miles, what advice do you have, other than schedules maintainence. Like put the car in neutral in traffic, so It doesn’t wear down the automatic clutch. Different oil changes than the manufacture? (10,000 or 1 year). How about coolant? Or tranny fluid? Thank you in advance.
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  3. jolly

    jolly New Member

    Actually, I'd say just go with the maintenance schedule. Using the car as a taxi service, just make sure you follow the "severe" usage category. You'll see that the manual then says 5K / 6 months intervals for oil change (not 10K) and check CVT fluid every 30K and replace every 60K (vs check every 30K and act appropriately). Putting the car in N won't harm anything (except your reaction time if needed...) but is not necessary. Modern transmissions know how to behave by themselves according to situations.
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  4. ToyBoy

    ToyBoy New Member

    Pretty much jolly covered it well.

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