09 Corolla abs Trac and VSC lights on but not check engine

Hello all, I have a new issue with my car that I've not seen before and cannot find an answer searching online for.

I have a 2009 Corolla, 250k miles, engine has been swapped but that was 50k miles ago so I doubt it was related.

I recently changed the right steering knuckle in the car, and it's been fine since (that's been about 3 weeks ago) until this morning. I start my car, and it's not the typical vacuum fuel system leak with check engine/vsc/Trac/abs all lit up but only vsc, Trac, and abs with no check engine light on.

To add to my confusion, the car runs and drives fine, breaks fine, and my obdii system shows no fault codes. Has anyone seen anything similar to this before?
Gas cap. It sounds goofy, but I had a similar experience with my 4 Runner and it was a bad seal on the gas cap. I replaced the gas cap and no more issues. Good luck.
A fault recorded in the VSC, traction control or ABS system won't be visible if you use a normal OBDII scan tool. You need a more expensive device to read the error code for these systems...