'11 vs. '17 Engine


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I've been an Corolla owner since 2014 when I bought my '11 S. I enjoyed my S so much I decided to buy another Corolla when a deer totaled it. See attached photo.

So when the insurance totaled it, $6400 in damage, I decided to buy another Corolla. I ended up with a certified 2017 LE. The more I drive it, the more I like it. However, I can't get passed on how different the engines are. My 2011 seemed so much smoother and sounded way better. There are some idle vibrations (minor and really nothing to worry about) that my '11 didn't have. And my '11 sounded so much better. Has anyone else ever felt the same? Am I being too picky? Was my 2011 an over achiever? Is my 2017 an under achiever? Despite this, I do like my new Corolla. I just can't believe it took me this long to join a forum for it.



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The 2ZR-FE that was in your 2011 is the same as the one in your 2017 aside from a silencer on your intake hose. However, your 2017 has the CVT which could cause it to act differently from the 4 speed in your 2011. However, the engines are the exact same between the two.


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Thanks Ze. I wasn't sure if they changed anything from '11 to '17. The CVT does make some of the difference. Since I posted this, I bought an K&N replacement filter, something my old Corolla had. Since I installed it, the sounds are more inline. Now it's just the CVT that makes the difference. Thanks