19" wheels. will they fit?

2014 LE with premium 16" alloy.
Wondering the same thing.

I think the car is already calibrated for 17" wheels. I have 3 whips and there is one of those speed signs just up the street. My Corolla is the only one that's off from the "your speed is".
I have no other proof but when I'm going approximately 25, it's says I'm doing 21-22. Something like that. Could be the other way around. It's been a while since I've driven out that way, but you get the idea. My other two whips are on the money.
I am upgrading my wheels to 18", but wondering if 19" will fit? any photos? thanks


I Love Corolla's!
Here are some pictures of 19" rims on some Corolla's:

I think 19" wheels look good with when the car is lowered about an inch.


I Love Corolla's!
damn. I got 18" XXR wheels. shop said 19" wont fit, but looking at these pictured, looks might fine. I'll upload photos soon.
I think 15"-18" wheels are perfect for the Corolla. 19" are a bit big but they can look good with some adjustments such as lowering.