1986 Toyota Corolla clutch plz help..

I have a 1986 Toyota Corolla LE 1.6 5speed.

Car would not go into gear and I lost the clutch. After investigating found slave cylinder was shot.. replaced it and had clutch took me forever to bleed it. Then lost clutch after driving for a few hours. Wiggled the hydraulic hose while trying to rebleed (thinking it just had more air) bunch of gunk came out. But eventually got clutch back, following morning car had no clutch. Replaced hose.. had clutch drove everywhere for 3hours. Let it sit drove again. All good. This morning went to take my honey to work and no clutch.. master cylinder still looks to be at same level. I'm about to cut up a old tee shit and wrap the entire line to see if I can find a leak..

It bleeds fine.. so I assumed the master cylinder is working, maybe I'm wrong.. please help me I need this little car.